These New Workout Tracks Are on Fire

It may be freakin’ cold outside.


But these new workout tracks? They are en fuego!


Solara, Smashing Pumpkins

The Pumpkins are back and rocking, yo.

Superlove, Whethan featuring Oh Wonder

Not crazy fast, but with a good beat, you might say we have … wait for it … superlove for this song.

Without You, Justin de Mari

The beat is perfect for running — or dancing in your living room.

Dip, Tyga featuring Nicki Minaj

Lots of language, but just try to listen and not move …

Ever Again, Robyn

A little slower than some of our other fave Robyn songs (like, all of the “Body Talk” album), but we are DIGGING IT.

Make Up, Vice & Jason Derulo featuring Ava Max

And we saved the best for last … (OBSESSED with this one!)

Like always (and forever), here it is on Spotify for you to stream and sweat to! (And, while you’re there, check out our podcast, too.)

What tracks are firing up your workouts right now? —Jenn