Resolution to Routine

photo by A Beach Cottage

If you are anything like me you went into the New Year with the best of intentions. This was the year you were finally going to ditch the sweets, the snooze button, or the second helping of dinner. The first few days were hard but empowering and by day three or four it probably started to feel like the goal was attainable, maybe even easy. But as you entered the second week maybe you started to think about possibly having just one bowl of ice cream before bed, or tapping that snooze button just once before getting up. You started to rationalize that some progress is enough, so maybe you backslid a little bit.

But some progress can quickly turn into no progress if you don’t push through and develop discipline. After the initial buzz of excitement that comes from deciding to do better, there is inevitable burn out from actually doing better. To really make change you have to develop new routines to replace old habits, and it takes several weeks before a new habit sets in.

If you are having some trouble with resolutions you made, reevaluate your situation. Is the goal something you really want? Is it realistic? Maybe you just need to put your head down and work through the discomfort for awhile (it always feels uncomfortable in the beginning). This is a particularly difficult time for making change for a lot of people. There is a natural come down after the excitement of the holidays. The weather sucks. People are getting sick left and right. In fact, my resolution to stop procrastinating and communicate better has already suffered because I have been throwing up for the past few days. There will always be an excuse to not change but if you really want to do better, you simply have to be better. If not, you will find yourself making the same hollow promises to yourself next year (about the same time you can expect me to respond to an email.) 🙂

How are your resolutions going? Have you felt burnout already or are you still going strong?