One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes Are the Key to Beautiful Eyelashes 

For the better part of my life, I have desired long and thick lashes to seductively bat hence get the attention of handsome waiters. (I have no idea what I will gain in the end by so doing. Perhaps a free dessert?) But the harsh truth is that batting my lashes only makes me look stupid. Eventually I did find a healthy way to elevate my average lashes, all thanks to One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes, but it wasn’t a quick or easy journey! 

There is nothing to smile about my lashes unless a curler and plenty of coats of mascara come into play. My lashes are rather thin and short, or better put: non-existent. Batting them is less flirtatious and more like I have something in my eye. Getting free desserts then becomes a fantasy (and let’s be real, I’m looking for a phone number)! 

I settled for my unappealing lashes, convinced that life is not all about having that sexy look that perfect eyelashes deliver. Sure, there’s more to life, but then I found out I can also have those gorgeous eyelashes. 

I was introduced to lash extensions some years back by my sister. I did not hesitate to try them out. I was sick and tired of using three layers of mascara and three eyelash curlers. As long as I had thick lashes to enhance the beauty of my eyes, the many hours consumed by eyelash extension sessions were a non-issue to me. 

But my wallet was complaining. Parting with several hundred dollars every month just for eyelashes wasn’t sitting well with me. And my natural lashes complained a lot too. All that glue takes its toll! 

I decide to skip the time and financially draining extension sessions for a while. I thought a break would do my lashes some good; facilitate their recovery. 

I realized recovery alone was not enough. I had to part ways with the habit. The lash extensions had ruined my lashes more as was evident in the pictures prior to and after having the extensions. They appeared miserable and thinner than before! 

My less-than-stellar lashes were all I had. 

But something captivated my interest. Through One Two Cosmetics, I got wind of the new magnetic eyelash extension phenomenon. Use of magnets? No chemical glue and re-usable lashes? Perhaps this could come to my rescue? Due to my past eyelash misfortunes, I was skeptical. Is it not said think twice when the deal sounds too good? 

But I was wrong. 

Two types exist: One Two Lash (partly covers the lash line) and the new One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes (covers the entire lash line). 

Original half-coverage lashes

With these two, the risk of financial woes arising from extension sessions is eliminated. Plus, you do not have to use chemical glue which can damage your natural lashes and the eyeball part which is sensitive. They have without a doubt given my thin lashes an attractive look which previously was hard to achieve. 

Perhaps these are the remedy to your eyelash woes as well. Let me break it down for you below: 

  • The half-coverage and full-coverage lashes bothcost $69 each. It has two sets of lashes housed in a protective case which you can wear and re-use as you please. 
  • If you want to emphasize your lashes’ outer corners, go for theoriginal One Two Lash. If you want to give your lashes length and volume, newly-released One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes are ideal. 
  • There are four optionsfor both the half- and full-coverage falsies to choose from, which I have already tried out. Below is a brief analysis of each option. 
one two cosmetics full lashes

New full-coverage lashes

  1. Original: I love them because they are natural and fill my thin lash line. They make my lashes look full unlike my mascara. And the casual look is exciting too. 
  2. Enhanced: Greatif you want enhanced thickness, curl and length. Actually, it’s fun to put them on. 
  3. Bold: Perfect for flirtatious glances at handsome waiters with these luxurious lashes when I went out with my girlfriends. 
  4. Extra Bold: Not for the faint of heart! Want to easily get the attention of others? Use these rather long, full, and fun lashes to fulfill your quest. 

At first, you might struggle with the application but eventually you will get it right. It so easy. 

In essence, a top strip and one to two bottom strips (determined by the type of lash-half coverage or full-coverage) characterize each set of lashes. The top strip is placed on the lashes’ top while the bottom strip (s) below the lashes which engulf the natural lashes amid the two strips. On the top strip are lightweight micromagnets that link with the micromagnets at the bottom strip giving rising to attractive lashes. 

  • Your lashes are protected from damage since One Two Cosmetics employ high quality and safe fibers. 

My narrative definitely has an amazing climax. I can now comfortably and frequently bat my beautiful eyelashes—and have the free desserts (and phone numbers!) to prove it. 


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