Gifts for Vegetarians

Use this gifts for vegetarians list for the veggie lovers in your life, featuring the best vegetarian cookbooks, kitchen knives, gear, and quirky postcards.

Have a special vegetarian in your life? Here are our top gifts for vegetarians that work for any time of year. And remember, vegetarians are people too! As two people who eat “mostly” vegetarian on the regular, Alex and I are more into stylish blue Dutch ovens and trendy plants than veggie celebrity cards…but those were too silly not to include in this eclectic list! Keep reading for our favorite gifts for vegetarians.

Vegetarian cookbooks

Shameless plug: our cookbook Pretty Simple Cooking features 100 vegetarian recipes we think everyone should know how to make! And they’re all customized to be delicious and pretty simple to put together. From darn good vegan chili to our famous chocolate peanut butter bliss bites, there’s something for everyone here! 75% vegan and 90% gluten free recipes too. Amazon, $18

Laura Wright transforms vegetables into things of beauty in The First Mess cookbook. Her photography is vibrant and her recipes are some of the most delicious vegan food we’ve tasted. She brings an elegance to everything she touches. We recommend this book time and time again for delicious, plant-filled recipes. Amazon, $20

This vegetarian cookbook is a feast for the eyes! Erin Gleeson’s lushly illustrated cookbook is a timeless favorite featuring beautiful watercolors for each veggie-centric recipe. Amazon, $25

Gifts for Vegetarians Herb Saver

Good vegetarian food features lots of fresh herbs, but they’re often dead in days without proper care! Placing your herbs in water in this herb saver keeps them good for weeks. The gift for vegetarians that keeps on giving! Amazon, $23

Gifts for Vegetarians Knives

The best thing you can do for your kitchen is get a kick ass kitchen knife! Alex and my Shun knives have been by our sides for 10 years and counting. Here’s Alex’s knife and here’s mine. Amazon, $149 and $94

Gifts for Vegetarians Dutch Oven

What’s better than a sexy looking pot that also cooks great food? We use our Dutch oven for making everything from stews and chili to sourdough bread. Dutch ovens are the perfect gifts for vegetarians who cook: and they look beautiful too. Amazon, $60

Gifts for Vegetarians Baking Kit

Here’s a way to support a good cause and learn to bake! NYC-based Hot Bread Kitchen brings together women from over 40 different countries as they launch new culinary careers. Their new Beginners Baking Kit as all the essentials the aspiring baker in your life needs–a copy of the Hot Bread Kitchen cookbook, digital scale, bench scraper, classic proofing basket, and a bread bag. Hot Bread Kitchen, $76

Gifts for Vegetarians Postcards

No gifts for vegetarians list is complete without veggie celebrity postcards, right? Okra Winfrey, Macauliflower Culkin…you’ve got to see these! Etsy, $16

Gifts for Vegetarians Reusable Produce Bags

For your Earth saving vegetarian, here are eco-friendly produce bags to avoid those plastic bags at the grocery! Amazon, $12

Gifts for Vegetarians TShirt

Why not represent your veggie pride by wearing favorite veggies? This avocado logo is handpainted by Nutrition Stripped founder McKel Hill. Nutrition Stripped, $40

Gifts for vegetarians | Meal planner | Love and Lemons

From Jeanine Donofrio, bestselling author of The Love & Lemons Cookbook comes this beautifully designed grocery list and meal planner that’s perfect for busy parents, budget-conscious cooks, and organized eaters. A perfect gift for vegetarians. Amazon, $13

Gifts for Vegetarians Monstera Plant

Vegetarians love plants, so why not gift a plant? Monstera are super trendy (proof here), and they’re pretty simple to care for, too. Etsy, price varies

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